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Data Acquisition

This document is designed to help STS GIS Services provide GIS data to State agencies, UT or BOR institutions, or private organizations that need geospatial data to perform contractual work that benefits the State of Tennessee. Data provided through this mechanism is not intended to support commercial business operations. Businesses or organizations that plan to use GIS data for commercial purposes can purchase GIS data from STS - GIS Services or the Comptroller�s Office for a fee that helps the State recover maintenance and development costs of GIS data. TCA 10-7-506 provides further definition regarding GIS data sales and cost recovery.

Click here for GIS Data Request Form.

Data Sales and Downloads

  • A) 2000-2006 B/W Digital Orthos and DTM - the raw .TIF digital orthophotos and digital terrain models (DTMs) developed from the Tennessee Basemapping Program are available for sale on a per sheet basis.  More details about the nature, format and cost of the data can be found here.
  • B) 2007-2013 Color MrSID Orthos - the new color MrSID digital orthophotos can be purchased on a per county basis. Click here for Ortho Imagery Fee Schedule.
  • C) 2000-2006 B/W MrSID and NAIP Orthos - the B&W digital orthophotos from the Tennessee Basemapping program as well as the 2007 National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery are available in the MrSID file format on a per-county basis and can be freely downloaded from the Tennessee Spatial Data Server.
  • Click here for Tennessee Basemap orthophotos.
  • Click here for 2012 NAIP imagery.
  • Click here for Parcel Data.