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Connecting to TNMap

How-To Access Data Via the TNMAP

Data on the TNMAP is published with two types of users in mind. For casual users that desire a simple and quick method for accessing published information, there is the on-line viewer. The viewer is completely web-based and only requires a browser. For users that desire more complex functionality, data is published as ESRI ArcGIS/ArcIMS map services. These services are available via the internet just as the viewer data but do require the user to have additional software capable of consuming these services.

   HyperLink Users desiring to access the on-line viewer may begin here (If using IE 8, use Compatibility View in the 'Tools' menu.)

Users desiring to access the published map services and having the necessary compatible software may do so via the internet at the following URL: For those users of ESRI products such as ArcGIS/ArcView, the How-To Connect to ESRI Map Services document link explains the steps necessary to access TNMAP data via the ArcGIS/ArcMap suite of software.