College Participation of TN High School Graduates

The college-going rate measures the percentage of recent public high school graduates attending postsecondary institutions anywhere in the nation. The rate is calculated by using 1) the number of Tennessee public high school graduates in a given year and 2) the number of such graduates who attended postsecondary institutions in the fall term immediately following high school graduation. The division of the latter by the former returns the college-going rate.

The Enrollment Share measures the percentages of Tennessee public high school graduates attending higher education institution in the US. Data are broken down by In-State or Out-of-State institution, institutional control e.g. ‘Public’ or ‘Private’ and sector e.g. ‘Four Year’ or ‘Two Year’. The statistics reflect the Fall semester immediately following high school graduation, including the preceding Summer.

Notes: High school graduates represent regular diploma holders only, excluding students receiving other types of awards such as a special education diploma or a certificate of attendance. College students enrolled represent first time freshmen that enrolled for credit in any Postsecondary Institution participating in the National Student Clearinghouse in the immediate Fall, including the preceding Summer.

Data Source:
High School Data: High School Graduates file from the Tennessee Department of Education.
College Enrollment Data: Matched records of High School Graduate file with Student Information System of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, FAFSA, and the National Student Clearing House data to track student enrolled in Out-of-State institutions.