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THC Viewer Disclaimer

The Tennessee Historical Commission (THC) viewer currently contains information from the Historic Resource Survey program and the National Register of Historic Places program. Surveyed properties are identified by points. The survey record can be viewed by clicking on a point. The survey record reflects information submitted to the THC, and THC does not guarantee the accuracy of survey information. Survey information may or may not contain information on National Register eligibility. Surveyor opinions on eligibility do not necessarily reflect the opinion of THC National Register staff and are not formal determinations by the National Park Service.

National Register-listed properties are identified by points, lines, and/or by polygons identifying the National Register boundaries. The process of mapping National Register boundaries is on-going, and additional polygons will be periodically added to the viewer. National Register nominations can be obtained from the National Archives, the National Park Service, or THC National Register staff. The viewer does not include points for restricted nominations, such as archaeology sites. It is the responsibility of the user to check THC's National Register index to confirm whether restricted listings may exist in a particular area.

The information contained in this viewer is for research purposes only and may not reflect actual property locations. The absence of data in certain counties does not guarantee architectural resource surveys have not been conducted or have not been recorded. While THC tries to provide the most accurate information, this dataset may contain errors or defects. It is the responsibility of the user to check the locations of surveyed or listed properties. It is the responsibility of the user to check National Register nominations to confirm official boundaries.

Data entry and quality control is ongoing, and updates occur periodically.

For additional information about the Survey program, to report corrections, or to contact staff, please visit the Survey section of our website. For additional information about the National Register program, to report corrections, or to contact National Register staff, please visit the National Register section of our website.