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LOCATORS/WGS84 (GeocodeServer)

Service Description: Composite geocode service containing five geocode locators. First tier: TIPS Address Points (loc_Name field entry: ADDRESSPOINTS). Second tier: Auxillary Address Points located by OIR GIS Services staff (loc_Name field entry: OIRPOINTS). Third tier: TIPS Centerlines (loc_Name field entry: CENTERLINES). Fourth tier: NAVTEQ Centerlines (loc_Name field entry: USA). Fifth tier: ZIP+4 (loc_Name field entry: USA_ZIP4). Geocode data will be returned in the WGS84 projection as latitude and longitude. TIPS Address Points and TIPS Centerlines are updated on a monthly basis with data provided by each local 911 Addressing Office.

Address Fields: Single Line Address Field: Candidate Fields: Intersection Candidate Fields: Spatial Reference: 4326  (4326)

Locator Properties: Supported Operations:   Find Address Candidates   Reverse Geocode   Geocode Addresses

Child Resources:   Info